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Mario Bekes

Mario Bekes

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WHY I am doing this

A long time ago, despite my education and experience in the military and diplomatic affairs, I could not fathom WHY I was WHERE I was. I saw no hope, no way out, and no way to improve my current position.

Then one day, I just went to the library and picked out a book. Not because I was interested in reading it but rather to make fun of the author, the book, and anyone who thought the subject matter was even remotely plausible.

At that point, I had everyone and everything else to thank for my misfortunes, which led me to a pit of isolation and despair.

But every once in a while, the pit sends something back. In my case it was a quick lesson that it is POSSIBLE to accomplish goals, fulfil dreams, and have a grin on your face despite all of life's obstacles.

Now, I have created my own podcast studio called "Secret Location", without anyone’s assistance and, to start, very little knowledge of podcasting. I have realised that podcasting is the platform for me, as it is for the inventors, inspirers and entrepreneurs who need to share their vision and experience with the world.

Because of this, I have been pushing myself to my limits - because there's no greater way to prove that it is possible to follow your passions and realise your goals than if you just work hard and focus on discovering your own, personal WHY.

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